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Our Office

Located at 33 Avon Street, Wakefield, MA

  • Entry way newly renovated this year.


The Dutton family name has been associated with quality medical care in Wakefield since 1893 when Charles Dutton, M.D. established his home and practice at 33 Avon Street. His son Richard and then grandson Robert lead the practice through much of the 20th century.

The year 1977 brought tremendous growth. Dr. John Kidd  joined Dr. Robert Dutton and within that same year Dr. David Calef came aboard as well, establishing the first group of board-certified family practitioners on the North Shore.

In 2016, following Dr. Kidd’s retirement, Dr Calef’s son, Ben, joined the practice. Not unlike the Dutton’s before them, Dr. Calef continues a legacy, and also extends a tradition of family medicine established by the Dutton family well over 120 years ago.