Appointments will be accepted by use of the offices directly. An office staff member may need to speak with patients requesting appointments via the Patient Portal. For urgent care or same day appointments, we would ask that you call the office directly so that we can determine the severity of the situation. Patients are seen by appointment with the provider of his or her choice. The secretary making the appointment will ask certain questions to best determine the urgency with which the patient may need to be seen. We strongly believe that each patient needs to choose one provider and see that same provider each time a visit is made, except in an emergency. This allows for the patient to develop a relationship with the provider and provides better continuity of care. Because illness is completely unpredictable, our scheduling is arranged so that patients with serious emergencies may be seen without delay. Patients may make appointments during Office Hours or through use of the Patient Portal for non-urgent care. For a list of Office Hours, click here.

What to do if you can’t keep your appointment
If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment please call the office at least 24 hours in advance. If that is not possible, please call as soon as possible. We even appreciate last-minute cancellations as this frequently allows us to accommodate patients with more urgent problems.

For emergency appointments click here.

E-mail Policy

Appointments will be accepted by phone or Patient Portal use only. An office staff member may need to speak with each patient before making an appointment in order to determine the best choice of action for each situation. For this reason we cannot accept appointments by e-mail. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.